I am a Certified 6ExCoach who has a background in Marriage and Family Therapy. I specialize in African American family services, trauma, generational trauma, Breaking cultural barriers, and sexual assault.


Special Interests

My special interest is promoting mind, body, and spirit/soul coaching practices that target Well-Being For Life©. No more band-aid or suffice work. I hold space for people to get out the root cause and carve out old debilitating messages in their blueprints and replace them with their authentic desire.


DifferentlyAbled Persons

I am a differnlyAbled person who was born with Sickle Cell Disease (SCD) and I am an advocate for SCD persons (Sickle Cell Warrior). With that being said, I am also an advocate for women and non-binary persons who are trapped, isolated, feeling attacked, and in a bad relationship. There is no judgment and a 6ex-positive environment is constant. No matter the deregulations you are experiencing, there is a safe and confidential space provided.



There is a special place in my sex coaching practice for veterans who have been injured and paralyzed as a result of being on active duty, serving, and protecting the United States of America. My sensate techniques help couples find ways to bring 6ex back again into their relationship. By finding new normals of orgasmic expression.




"What you learn about yourself will inspire you and illuminate your path."  

Dr. Patti Britton.

"Dialoguing with the Spirit of the Womb, we learn how to deprogram ourselves from harmful thoughts, attitudes, habits, and relationships." 

 Queen Afua