Living In Desire 100%


Are you or someone you know feeling trapped, isolated, or unsafe in your relationship?

What if I told you that “Desire” can help you transform and elevate into the beautiful queen you are?

See, Desire is having the ability to always manifest your truest self without the validation of others. Tapping into your desire will empower you beyond your wildest dreams.  

Are you ready to live a life of joy, peace, and love?

Well, I have a program for you! 

Living In Desire 100%  

This six-week program will help you transform: 

  • From self-doubt to self-awareness, 

  • From negative self-talk to positive thought, feelings, and action, and

  • From second-guessing yourself to living as a fully self-expressed woman!

Ready to Live in Desire 100%?


About the Program

Living In Desire 100% was developed from three modalities: Positive Intelligence Quotient (PQ) by Shirzad Chadmine, Desire principle by Onetaste, and MEBES model by Dr. Patti Britton.

What is PQ? it is the mental-fitness building of the constant building and rebuilding of the neuropathways that can also be strengthened as well. Our brains are like a muscle, so when you strengthen new or less used neuropathways, you build muscle.


In order for our brains to be strengthened from Saboteurs (negative thought processes), it needs a charge. The charge is PQ reps, 15 minutes a day provided by an app-guided program for Six-Weeks.


These app-guided challenges are given throughout the day instead of once a day. In the app, you will see the charge that you are holding. It is important to keep a charge, not necessarily fully charged daily.


The charge is important because it will help you get through the next couple of hours of your day. You are practicing building PQ muscle, learning how to shift from Saboteur (Controler, Judge, Hyper achiever) to Sage mind (Jedi, positive, response). 


How to Identify your Saboteurs:


To identify your Saboteurs, you will take a free assessment test during week zero. Once your receive the results it will tell which saboteurs you are using the most at that moment. So, please allow yourself to be in a comfortable environment to take the assessment.


The idea is to gauge where you are at the beginning of the six-weeks and where the scores are at the end of the six-weeks. There should be a change indicating that your PQ brain is stronger.

Desire is:

"Unbridled desire, is a desire with magnitude!" "It is our deepest calling in a relationship."

Desire is also unapologetically-being, expressing, voicing, and demonstrating your authentic-self. Desire stands in its own validation seeking partnerships that say "This is where we are headed." 

In this six-week program, you will experience and execute it as you have never before! Combining the strengthening of your brains' neuropathway, you will become laser-focused on what your desires are and how you can meet and greet them every moment of the day. Striving to be "unconditional love expressed through the vehicle of your relationship(s)." Finally,

MEBES Model:

Mind, Emotion, Body, Energy, and Spirit are the tools needed to cultivate strengthening the neuropathways, and honing in on our desires. 

Being cognizant of what activity is going on in your mind can tell you how you are feeling (Emotions) about a particular thing that is connected to your body that reacts to your Thoughts and Emotions.

Once we identify what the mind, emotions, and body (MEB) is doing, we can now tape into the second have of the model energy and spirit (ES). E is for Energy. What type of Energy is being put behind the thoughts and feelings? This is where the positive intelligence (PQ) reps come in handy throughout the day (You will learn about PQ reps in the program). PQ reps provide a space in real-time to readjust and make shifts that are better suitable for the outcome of your desire.

As a result, the S is for the spirit the last part of the model. It will now show up as "the spirit" of it all. The "why" you practice to gain the desired outcomes you will like to experience in your life. This completes the MEBES model.

The next steps will be to take the initiative and invest in your life by signing up for the Living In Desire 100% Six-Week Program. It will change your isolated, feelings of doubts and bad relationship back on into loving yourself, deeper connections, and better 6ex! 

Be sure to click the link contact 6ExCoach.Life below to learn more.

Check out the services page as well. There are lots for you to choose from (This page may be still under construction).


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