Felicia Hunt, MA
Sex Coaching and Sex Education Services

Helping Cultural, Spiritual, and DifferentlyAble Persons

6ExCoach.life is a Well-Being for Life© integrative sex coaching and educational service for adults who have experienced some degree of sexual trauma.


My coaching practices align with Mental-Fitness, Desire, and Mind, Emotion, Body, Energy, and Spirit (MEBES) models to guide my clients in authentic, consensual, whole well-being: mind body & soul, which moves my clients toward mastering their personal goals.


6ExCoach.life is best known for its innovative approach to Well-Being for Life©: carving out old wounds and addressing tough issues that other programs typically shy away from.


No diagnostics, and labeling here. At 6ExCoach, each person is seen as an individual on their specific quest for higher authentic lovemaking and deeper connection.

Live, Life, Love; Well-Being For Life©️

Changing One Person At A Time.





To impart sex coaching and educational services among diverse populations affected by: sexual trauma, generational trauma, and unsafe relationships, offering a holistic Well-Being For Life©️ attitude, concentrating on the whole person - mind, body, and soul. 

6ExCoach.life looks to future opportunities to travel globally and partake in the service of coaching, and educating "underprivileged" communities around the world regarding human sexuality and Well-Being For Life© practices.



To provide a safe, consensual platform conducive to learning, mentoring, and promoting well-being for life© through "Mental-Fitness" Desire, and Mind, Emotions, Body, Energy, and Spirit (MEBES) models. Our approach to coaching is about meeting our clients where they are, removing barriers, and former ideals that limited dialog, education, and delayed well-being altogether.    



WHOLENESS: To provide Well-Being For Life©️ with an emphasis on the whole person.

AUTHENTICITY: To provide education in truth, and coaching in acceptance.

DIVINITY: To embrace my spiritual journey and walk my calling.



To engage the community of people experiencing Dis-ease, Low self-esteem, Trauma, Emotionally Broken, Addiction, Grief and Loss, Guilt and Shame. Offer Mental-Fitness, Pods, and one-on-one support coaching services.

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