Having concerns about Life and Love, Intimacy, and Relationships?


-Let 6ExCoach.life help you with what is blocking you from living in Desire 100%.

6ExCoach.life: Sex Coaching and Sex Education Services was established to break generational trauma (curses), alleviate stress, anxiety, and depression.


6ExCoach.life is committed to helping individuals move through various physical and emotional challenges by utilizing ‘Mental-Fitness’ and other modalities to impart Well-Being for Life© educational and coaching practices.

6ExCoach.life motivates individuals to embrace and nurture their core being in an effort to become available to receive the outcomes of who they are in life, love, and relationships.


Our coaching and educational services are designed to take the shame out of intercourse, heighten sexuality, and promote positive sex.


At 6ExCoach.life, people who are on a quest for higher authentic love, and deep connection can complete the journey here.

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